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January 3, 2008

just some landscape pics

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Hi again.

I found some more photos and I’m leaving them here with you while I myself am going away for about a week.

Enjoy your winter and I hope to see you soon!

The pics are from Scotland, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Switzerland and the last one is Spain again





Abdulov died

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He was one of those soviet actors who stayed with us since our childhood. It was not that easy to get on the screens during soviet times so those few who did were famous and usually loved.

He was diagnosed with cancer 3 months ago, today he died.

the extract from one of the most famous soviet films, in russian

Chess theatre

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that’s what can happen if you have time, chess,a magnifying glass and a camera.



January 2, 2008

Good 2008 morning!

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So I see people started waking up after the new year celebrations. Russia was celebrating a lot as usual and just waking up right now.

Ice age. It’s the name of ice skating show where professional skaters perform together with famous actors. the main rule, actors don’t know how to skate before the show.

That’s how far they can go after some training. The winners of the show, Chulpan Khamatova ( actress) and Roma Kostomarov ( famous ice skating champion)

unfortunately there is some russian speech in the beginning and the end

and lots of russian talking here after 3d minute, but do watch the first part, especial after 1 min 47 seconds:)

these guys took the 2nd place according to judges and 3d according to viewers votes.

she is Alisa Grebeschekova an actress, he is Alexey Tikhonov a professional ice-skater

(I tried to pick up video with as less russian speech on the background as possible )

the song for the next one is sung by Alla Pugacheva, an “eternal” singer, she’s been singing for about 35 years, which means she’s been a singer for longer than I or my friends have lived for so it’s hard for us to judge her objectively. She is just there as a piece of culture. And I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks so. Each day of the show was based on various music themes, like disco, music from films etc. This one was based only on Pugacheva’s songs. You can see her just after the dance, a claping woman with lots of hair.:)

some extracts from this song are ” every break up is a little death<…> there where you areĀ  would be no place for me and there is none for you next to me”

December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

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I couldn’t leave that without saying.

It’s almost 5 pm Moscow time. Vladivostok will celebrate New Year in 15 minutes, Magadan did this 45 minutes ago , Petropalovsk- kamchatskiy has been living in 2008 for 1 hour 45 minutes.

That’s a big country indeed here!


Happy New Year!!!

December 26, 2007

so THAT’S how it happened

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Thanks to BBC news I was reminded it happened exactly on 25th December. I wasn’t old enough to remember the date. I remember only the fact- 1st September we still had Lenin’s portraits above the blackboard and after the New Year’s holiday they disappeared and the teacher told us there won’t be history lessons for a while as the old history was branded wrong and the new one wasn’t written yet.

So for the second time in one century they demolished the “wrong history”.

I can’t remember much but the air smelled of freedom. I guess that’s when the famous Scorpion’s song was written.

So that’s what they called “the lost generation” here, the people educated in one society but brought to a new reality over night.

Thanks god I was too young to realise.

A story for one photo


In 1945 he won the war

And although there are whole countries now who are trying to rewrite the history, it was him who won the war. He still can’t walk normally now( but bravo, he can walk!), his feet were frostbitten at -40.

He says time at the back lands, not at the front line, was the most difficult one. They had no warm clothes, no warm tents, they had to eat potato peals. All the clothes and food went to the front line.

The films will show you some clean soldiers wearing nice uniform and steel pots. The soldiers are still alive to tell us, there was one steel pot for a squadron and one pair of warm boots to wear in turns.

Let them make films about who won the war, we will always know who actually did.

December 20, 2007

Kids talks

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New Year is coming. For russians this day replaced Christmas one day when the religion was banned. So we are waiting for our Santa ( Grandfather Frost) on that day. The kids do as well. These ones informed me today that they found a better way of communication with Frost than just a snailmail-

they put the letter in the fridge. They claim it works perfectly, the letter was gone by morning!

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