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June 18, 2008

a portrait of a friend

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do you see the friend over there?


December 22, 2007


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Sometimes you can read a whole book for the sake of one phrase, sometimes you can meet a person for the sake of one thought.

One photographer told me once a very important and simple idea, which I think all photography can be based on.

He said- “every single thing around you wants to be in your pictures and wants to be special, there are times when even an old rusty nail wants to be beautiful”.

So, I’m putting here two photos of something quite banal. This can be around you or even in your office, but in any case, probably, you wouldn’t be happy seeing it.To make the riddle genuine I won’t tell the answer until… let’s say Monday 24th. Till that time you are free to make your guesses either here or just in your mind.Good luck!

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