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December 31, 2007

Sky pictures

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This might be my last post here  this year. So I’m saying good bye to you all and I hope to show you more pictures next year!

Once again, my warmest wishes to you all for 2008 !sky4.jpgsky1.jpgsky2.jpgsky3.jpg


December 30, 2007

Sea pictures

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Hey guys! I know there are few already who are following my pictures, I’m pleased, surprised and flattered.

Here are some more for you with the warmest wishes for the new 2008 year!

Be happy, healthy, in love and loved!!!sea6.jpgsea3.jpgsea1.jpgsea2.jpgsea5.jpg

Can they be SERIOUS???americans are asked questions

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I’m afraid to comment or to ask anything more. I’m just still shocked and I’m not sure if I am able to trust my own ears while listening to this.

ps- don’t want to disturb you from watching the video, so I have put my main comment below, after some few first comments.

December 26, 2007

so THAT’S how it happened

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Thanks to BBC news I was reminded it happened exactly on 25th December. I wasn’t old enough to remember the date. I remember only the fact- 1st September we still had Lenin’s portraits above the blackboard and after the New Year’s holiday they disappeared and the teacher told us there won’t be history lessons for a while as the old history was branded wrong and the new one wasn’t written yet.

So for the second time in one century they demolished the “wrong history”.

I can’t remember much but the air smelled of freedom. I guess that’s when the famous Scorpion’s song was written.

So that’s what they called “the lost generation” here, the people educated in one society but brought to a new reality over night.

Thanks god I was too young to realise.

Some of my favourite pictures

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All of these I took during last two years, if I was given a second chance I would have done better. But as we all know in photography there are no second chances.

are there anywhere?

A story for one photo


In 1945 he won the war

And although there are whole countries now who are trying to rewrite the history, it was him who won the war. He still can’t walk normally now( but bravo, he can walk!), his feet were frostbitten at -40.

He says time at the back lands, not at the front line, was the most difficult one. They had no warm clothes, no warm tents, they had to eat potato peals. All the clothes and food went to the front line.

The films will show you some clean soldiers wearing nice uniform and steel pots. The soldiers are still alive to tell us, there was one steel pot for a squadron and one pair of warm boots to wear in turns.

Let them make films about who won the war, we will always know who actually did.

December 25, 2007

the Person of the Year. Interview

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it felt like listening to a lecture at a faculty of politics

December 22, 2007

Portraits at stocks

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Uploaded my first portraits for stocks. For me the main problem was the release. One is to fill that in, in order to prove the model is not against being taken on pictures used for commercial purposes. The release itself has no difficult questions, in fact, just some general info. To find the model if the picture was taken long ago, that is the quest.So uploading the portraits of myself I once took with a tripod seemed to be the easiest way out so far). I still had to fill in the release and it felt a bit weird to grant myself the right to sell the picture of myself. 🙂

Here is an example, others are here.

Girl thinking

and by the way still am not sure what criteria they were using when putting me with the ape as “similar photos” :))))))))))


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Sometimes you can read a whole book for the sake of one phrase, sometimes you can meet a person for the sake of one thought.

One photographer told me once a very important and simple idea, which I think all photography can be based on.

He said- “every single thing around you wants to be in your pictures and wants to be special, there are times when even an old rusty nail wants to be beautiful”.

So, I’m putting here two photos of something quite banal. This can be around you or even in your office, but in any case, probably, you wouldn’t be happy seeing it.To make the riddle genuine I won’t tell the answer until… let’s say Monday 24th. Till that time you are free to make your guesses either here or just in your mind.Good luck!

Игры разума 2

Угадываем товарищи или игры ра

December 21, 2007

Animals, the sequel

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I looked through my fotolia portfolio and found some more pictures to show

By the way if you ever want to upload your photos on fotolia make sure you thought twice at the names and keywords, ’cause they don’t allow you to change anything after uploading, unlike the two main stocks- shutterstock and istock
I would have called it “whoz zzer?” it wouldn’t be popular with the search machines though

Didelphid in the zoo

sharp- teethed brotherhood

Chilling-out crocidiles next to a river in a spanish zoo

this one was hanging next to Gibraltar shop, stealing souvenir monkeys from time to time and watching the tourists

gibraltar chimp

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